Saturday, August 26, 2006

Triple Twist of Fate

“We humans, although we are unconscious of it, have the tendency to control and dominate others, We want to win the energy that exists between people.”

I experience this at work on a daily basis. I’ve just started working for a new client here in London. Not only am I getting used to a the new environment, but also a new boss, a new team, a new internal team from my own firm for this study, and the different work environment here in Britain.

At each meeting I see and sense myself and others push and pull at each others’ energy from so many different angles: intellectually, technically, politically and even culturally. The Brits can often become so subtle and esoteric, if only to trip the Americans via language and wit, that it becomes at times, unproductive and detrimental to what we’re trying to achieve. And the Americans often come across as bulls in a china shop, loud, brash, overconfident and lofty. And the Indians, part of a huge bodyshop, nod their heads in silent acquiescence in that weird movement that could be interpreted either as a shake of the head – No, or a nod of the head – Yes…which drives people crazy. Did they get it or are they clueless, everyone wonders.

And being part of all three cultures through this triple twist of fate where I was born in one, had another be a significant influence in every aspect of my education and upbringing, and having lived most of my adult life in the third… I find all my buttons pushed with my energy ebbing and flowing with every conversation and interaction as I identify with every point of view or discredit every one of them!

Peace and joy!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Moving Energy

“Our expectation itself causes our energy to flow out into the world and affect other energy systems.”

All around me there is ample evidence of it…I may be blinded to it but I’m never not in it. All the people walking past, running around, milling about, doing, saying, fighting, stressing, all exchanging energy. I consume some and then expend some, I feel re-energized and then de-energized. It’s all a play of the forces of the universe taking form and shape and then dissolving into nothing and then reshaping and reforming into something else.

“The perception of this energy begins with a heightened sensitivity to beauty.”

Energy in London is different than in San Francisco – that’s a fact. I can’t help comparing the two and then I also relate and rate one against the other. Not an entirely healthy process, I know, but nevertheless, entirely human. Can I not, instead of thinking of ‘my life in san francisco’ and ‘my life in london’…just think of my life…anywhere and everywhere? Why this need to compare this moment with another possible, plausible but entirely impossible moment? Impossible because it can never happen in this moment….in this Now. Why this need to search for the perfect moment which always seems to be somewhere else, with someone else, doing something else? Can I, as I related to life in the present completely accept that this is the only possibility for perfection in my life? That not only is it the only possibility, it already is?

“Maybe we can make some events come faster – or slower – depending on how we think.”

This thing which started off as nervous anxiety…. To finish…finish this task has metamorphosed into a meditative journey of challenge and fun. I want the new moon to come faster to get this over with…and then I want it to come slower since I’m not done with my quotes! I haven’t been able to set my broadband connection and so feel guilty for not having had my weekly session. I want this week to finish quickly so I can enjoy the long weekend in London and make a trip to Brussels for my birthday! And then I don’t want the weekend to come just yet since I know that I’ll then be crossing the line – another birthday …another year another loss..another gain.

I am, however, perhaps for the first time after crossing the ocean and moving to another continent, enjoying this process of staying connected, building consensus and sharing energy with the group.

Peace and joy!