Saturday, November 26, 2005

Breaking Free

From habits and preconceptions and notions and ideas and ideologies and reminiscences and expectations and desires and hopes and anxieties and all the other mind bound limitations that one imprisons oneself in.
It has to end sometime – you can chose when though. You can either wait until the very end when there is nothing left to look forward to but the surreal afterlife which is beyond ones thoughts anyway. Or you can wait until an action or happening so life altering happens that you have no choice but to switch directions, process pain and anguish and extreme emotional upheaval. Or you can wait until you are pushed or pulled into doing, being, saying, acting so out of your real nature that it is a shock to the system that wakes you or puts you into an even deeper throe of this muddling bewildering delusional existence.

Or you can simply wake up. Now. And forever. Without drama, crisis, catalyst or stimulant. An organic awakening of your deeper self that emerges from a center that is so effulgent and resplendent that you had to only focus your attention towards it and it engulfed you in its spirit affirming glow of eternal peace, eternal bliss, eternal stillness.