Thursday, March 13, 2003

The Cell

What is freedom? Freedom from this ever present need to strive, seek, want, access, achieve, fulfill and satisfy? How does this need arise? If all is this Universal Consciousness, when did this need for separation and identity and discrimination arise? How did I arrive at the conclusion that I am a single being, separate from others and that I am simply this body and mind? When did I start thinking and feeling separate? Why did I begin to feel ‘different’ than the rest of every thing? That I have my boundaries clearly defined by space bound dimensions that my body can move in, and the time bound ranges that my thoughts can travel through, and the ego bound envelop that my feelings can be expressed in? How did this knowledge of distinction first arrive, then subsequently settle and consequently shape my identity?

And as a consequence of all of this identification have also emerged my constraints on my reality. I accept, without questioning anymore, that I am finite, limited and confined within my body, my thoughts, my feelings and by my ego. These parameters are set clearly for me to live my life within and I abide in sheep like fashion this self imposed prison.

Well, the hell with that!

Why should there be a limit to my being? Who made the rule that my experience of Life should not extend beyond my senses and my physical structure and my subtle and causal body? This boundary is as good as the delusion that has produced it. When I see this delusion for what it really is, I can transcend this boundary and dissolve separation. That is when I flow freely within and without, in and through, flying beyond time bound experiences, soaring over mind bound realities, stretching beyond form bound dimensions and rising beyond cause and effect bound phenomenon.

That is when I am free.