Friday, October 27, 2006

Sixth Sense

And finally – this thing about the origin of thought – of words and ideas and emotions and instincts. Where is that? What is it? Where does it start? And why?

There is -- before the beginning of thought – an energy that allows its birth. It is the substratum in which thought emerges from stillness. This thought, though, is buried in my memory bank. So, obviously there is some sort of catalyst that makes this thought take shape from a dormant karmic seed into the force behind a full blown ‘event’ made up of thinking, feeling, acting and reacting.

I wonder then - what if I had a sixth sense – one that could easily observe how this thing emerges from nothingness into ‘thingness’. If I could feel the movement of this energy, through its whole neurological, chemical and physiological journey that happens within me. What if I could experience this evolution of thought which comes into play as a result of a mixed bag of external stimuli and internal chemicals that trigger something in my body which then travels up to my brain and becomes a full blown – PRODUCTION.

Would we then, if we did have this sixth sense not make such a big deal about thoughts and emotions and not allow them to torture, trouble, excite or delight us? Because we could see -- as easily as I can see the impact of heat or cold on my skin, sweet or sugar on my tongue, light and darkness on my eyes, cacophony or melody on my ears and fragrance or malodor on my nose – the impact of heavy or light thoughts and emotions on my brain. When then, the brain indeed becomes the Sixth Sense… an organ which would allow me to sense the world both inside and outside me and not make every thing, event or happening the be all and end all of my life.

I could, I would, then, simply allow these thoughts and emotions to happen – observing them, enjoying them, deflecting them or avoiding them. But not feeling like I have to master them, process them, analyze them, control them.

Perhaps that is real freedom.