Saturday, September 16, 2006

No Choice

“ No matter how afraid you become, you now have no choice. Once you learn what life is about, there is no way to erase the knowledge. If you try to do something else with your life you will always sense that you are missing something.”

This fear of losing – losing hope, loved ones, laughter, authenticity, trust and purpose in life – can only be dissolved by losing fear itself. And that is the key – losing Fear is the Key. It clouds and negates the deepest desire that we as humans have – to live life with authenticity and dignity and the confidence that comes with truly knowing oneself and ones place in this universe.

I feel this familiar fear seeping into my soul lately. Why am I here in London? Is this where I am supposed to be – right now? I feel so, in a vague way – like this experience is happening to tell me something, teach me something, show me something, about myself and my relationships to life and loved ones. But when I get into the daily wake, dress, work, pub, laundry routine… I wonder what is the message in all of this?

Why am I here? Where did I think I’d be at this moment and this phase in my life? Do I sense that I am missing something or am I missing what is already here?