Thursday, September 11, 2003

Can you hear, can you hear them wonder?

The land down under. It's early spring out here. The sun sets in a north western direction instead of going south. Or is it the other way round? I can never tell. People drive on the other right side and seem generally more inclined to slow down, take things easy and not rush about in a frenzy. Adelaide strikes me as a combination of Berkeley Hills and Napa Valley - rolling hills and lush green landscapes and vineyards. Sydney is chic and pretty, modern and hip, natural beauty mingled with tasteful architecture. Can't think of a similar looking city in America. Looking forward to visiting Melbourne - apparently the most livable city in the world - and Bondi Beach before finally returning to reality.

Quality of Life. That seems to be the focus of the new world. What does it mean? Can one seek to improve the quality of ones life in isolation or are we so intrinsically interconnected that the term is meaningless unless in context of a collective? And what would that collective be, or is that too dependent on ones breadth of vision and scope? Is the collective ones family and friends, ones community, the city we live in or our country of inhabitance? Is that the collective that, once improved and uplifted, will make me feel that my quality of life has improved? Can one really think and feel and identify internationally or even globally?

And what would be the key ingredients that define the term Quality of Life? Wouldn't those vary depending on the individual, their current state and outlook and the extent of ones imagination and aspirations?

I'm on a mission here on behalf of several friends and loved ones - to find that place where the Quality of Life is better than that they currently have. They are sick of the stress and the race and the worries and the political climate and the lack of interconnections, spirituality, community and what have you in their lives? Could this be the place where they could find it? Where everything may possibly be upside down? And when they make such a dramatic change in their life situations that suddenly their quality of life will improve or at lease be enhanced in some way and shape and form?

Or is that elusive state not to be found anywhere unless it is found within?

I don't know, but I sure am having fun trying to find an answer to that question.