Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Master & Slave

The Third Agreement: Don't Make Assumptions

When you transform your whole dream magic happens in your life since spirit moves freely through you. There is mastery of intent, spirit, love, gratitude and life. This is the path to personal freedom.

How does one transform ones whole dream? Does one make choices based on will power and inner strength – that would lead to bright, honest, magical experiences, day by day, minute by minute, moment by moment? Or does one use fear and anger to transform the current situation because of the egoistic need to change and improve and become better? Both, one would say, can be effective in the short term. Self improvement books abound in western bookstores, all with the express intention of making you look better, act better, feel better, present yourself better. To strengthen and improve and enhance the image. It works in the short term because the ego is temporarily occupied with this new challenge. It can strive and stress and seek and speak. It can see and be seen, hear and be heard, express and impress. It can do and act and live.

Eventually, though, the real impact of such change sinks in. For any change effected thus, begets more chance for change. And the more that I change the more I get stuck in the familiar grooves of judgment, anxiety, criticism, comparison and analysis. The ego gets stronger creating blockades and bottlenecks for the free flow of energy through me. Trapped energy festers and stagnates and makes me feel heavy, sluggish, sullen and sad. I try to find ways out through quick fixes of pleasure and power. There is complete slavery of intent, love, gratitude and life. This is the path to personal hell.

And for the path of transforming dreams through inner strength and will? What of that? Isn’t that too a subtle way of the ego enforcing its position on my body and mind? Why use strength or will at all? Why not transform in this moment? Simply. By bringing awareness to myself in this moment. As different from the doer, actor, maker, and thinker. As the one who accepts and embodies all those roles and also at the same time is so much more than any and all of those. With this awareness I feel light and open in body, mind and heart, and Spirit does move freely through me. I don’t know what Spirit is – it has qualities that I cannot describe in words. All I know is that in moments when it flows through me…I identify with it completely. And then there is mastery of intent, love, gratitude and life. And this is the path to personal freedom.