Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Free Fear....Fear Free

The Second Agreement: Don't take anything personally

If you live without fear, if you love, then you live in that state of bliss where everything is so wonderful and beautiful.

Living without fear. State of bliss. Everything’s wonderful. Everything’s beautiful. Are these simply words that humans use to convince themselves that there is a better way to be human than the present human experience that they are having? When words start ringing hollow and we realize that words are all that we really have to base our reality on? To construct a story out of the day to day process of being human. That I can embellish or diminish every life experience by simply using words.

An event can become “fabulous” or “fantastic” or “amazingly good” or “yawningly dull”, or “awfully bad” or, in that interesting paradox of the English language…”terribly exciting” or “fabulously hideous”. So, the event takes on a mighty personality of its own and can then be recalled, related, reacted to or rejoiced in. I have now personalized the event and it is now my creation. I am the proprietor of the event and I now have ownership rights. I now feel possessiveness around the experience and then fear of losing the experience. I am now bound to the feelings invoked by the event based on the words that I have used to describe the event – to myself and to others.

What is the alternative then? Is there one? Am I simply destined to have this life experience, governed by the capricious word and based on self-created fear and uncertainty? Can one, while in the midst of this human experience, while in the throes of this cause and effect based existence, which can only be understood based on the limited filters of words and thoughts, really become without fear? Become liberated? In a state of bliss where everything is wonderful and beautiful?

I don’t know. And even if I did – there would be no words to describe it.