Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blame the Judge; Judge the Blame

The First Agreement:Be impeccable to your word

When you are impeccable to your word you take responsibility for your actions but you do not judge or blame yourself.

Self Rejection is a mortal sin. Use your energy in the direction of truth and love for yourself.

The hardest knocks, the deepest wounds, the strongest blows, I reserve for myself. For every action and every emotion and every thought that I experience, there is judgment rather than simple witnessing, bestowing of blame rather than acceptance of responsibility or egoistic self-congratulation rather than grateful thanks for the perfection of the process.

And all of these actions and emotions and thoughts then create in me self-rejection rather than self-love. Because I use my word to destroy what does not feel true to my heart. And what is not true to my heart, that takes me away from the experience of truth, is also what stands out as failure for the ego. And the ego can never simply witness and accept. It needs to judge and correct or reject or improve or remove. The ego wants to change what is. And all of this energy that it employs in changing the effect of my actions and emotions and thoughts takes away from the energy that energizes me through awareness and acceptance of their truth.

The practice then is to simply allow the actions to execute, the thoughts to unfold and the emotions to emerge. For they are not done based on my own volition. They are simply the way the Universe is expressing itself through me. And so, rather than rejecting them ā€“ and in the process myself and in the process the Universe ā€“ can I not simply bring them to profound and unconditional awareness?

For, by and by, with such awareness of my actions and emotions and thoughts, there will be the purity and truth that ā€œIā€ so want to bring to them.