Friday, May 26, 2006

Dive In

And in this moment after a meditation that has transported me to a place that is beyond words and thoughts, I feel that I get what it means to align my self with My Self – the merging of Atman with Brahman. That this process is so simple but so powerful. It’s the path of no resistance to the flow of the universe. Be whatever it is that is being offered to you. This cup of chai that sits in front of me in a lovely copper vessel, this beautiful tea shop that exudes serenity, the softness of the music, the sweetness of the tea, the quietness of the heart. It is all there in this moment as I embrace it completely. There is nothing that is not being allowed in or released out. This negative thought, this insecure egotistic notion, this feeling of just being…they are all here… waiting to be given awareness. All of this, is all of me. There is no separation and no discrimination. There simply is. And how do I proceed from here? This energy is so powerful at this moment – and I want to bathe in it, soak its essence so that I don’t have to ever forget what it means to simply be one again. Surrendering to the higher consciousness. Align ones consciousness with the cosmic consciousness and powerful phenomenon will begin to take form and shape in your life – and that is the true Awakening.

Feel like I need to capture this in a more dynamic way – like this process is of diving into the deep end with no question of what it would be like to resist. Can you, not resist even resistance? Can you just simply embrace everything because everything is you and everything is happening within and through you? Can you simply wake up and dive into Life?