Thursday, May 04, 2006

Simple Minds

Still feeling it although it comes and goes. And at those times, feel like at the inner most level – I get it. Really get it. Of course I know that the mind is and will always be the master of delusion. It will always plot and ploy against the emergence of the absolute consciousness. It will try to regain lost territory at every moment, pulling me back into this master delusion, showing me glimpses and then, sometimes, full-scale onslaughts of the gorgeous glamorous pleasures of life.

Why, though? Why does it constantly want to lead me away from keeping my absolute reality in my continuous awareness? What about the mind fears the unravelling of its agenda to me so deeply? It’s like the mind fears that if that does happen it will be rendered useless in my reality, fall precipitously in my esteem. That once I realize that the complex web it constantly spins to allow me a vision, or version, of my reality – this fear and desire driven egotistical identity – is really hiding my absolute reality – this truth, knowledge and bliss driven universal consciousness – I will dump it completely and unceremoniously from my life?

How can that be though? It can never happen. Consciousness expresses itself in human form only to experience the beauty of what it has created. And mind is the apparatus that allows it to sense, intuit, think, feel, perceive and judge both introverted and extroverted ideas and ideologies.

I need my mind to help me work through the delusion that it creates for me, only to then use it to realize my infinite potential as supreme consciousness. Yeah, well, not quite there yet, but you know what I mean.

So, that’s the situation here. I need the mind to allow me to forget the picture of reality that it creates for me. I also need the mind to transcend itself and dissolve into the universal picture of absolute reality that creates it, and all its components and everything else that is composed of the five elements and beyond.

Piece of cake.