Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Okay…what happened? Something major did but I don’t want to make such a big deal of it. One can’t really say shift happened because then it means that it’ll happen again. To another place not necessarily better or worse, but certainly different than what it was then and is now. So, to acknowledge something major happening is also acknowledging that that happening is temporal and eventually it will be ‘not happening’.

And then how would you feel? When this feeling of euphoria and bliss that ‘happened’ due to a shift in attitude or energy or perception or direction or awareness, shifts again? This will change again won’t it? Will you then feel that you didn’t really ‘get it’ at that time, that time which is now, actually? Will you chastise yourself for ‘losing it’, or negate this experience as a temporal euphoric event that was nothing more than just an enigmatic experience in a time-space bound continuum?

Or will you acknowledge that this ‘happening’ unfolded like every other happening in Pure Awareness only to emerge, unfold, <>, submerge again? The <> was the key difference this time around though. What is this <> that, when it is present, makes every experience wonderful, magical and surreally real? This is the capacity that Consciousness is striving to find in the human spirit for the human spirit to recognize it. Or rather, recognize that it self is this Self. Always, no matter what is ‘happening’.

When I believe with not only supreme conviction and belief and faith , but also with an innate ‘knowing’ beyond intellect, instinct and intuition that I, and everything that is Not I is just this. This Consciousness, and all of us will simply emerge, unfold and submerge in it only to emerge, unfold and submerge within it again, only to….

But now…now that I put the light of awareness, the missing factor, the <>, in the experience, it suddenly is not a temporal experience anymore that is ‘happening’ to me. It is simply the ‘eternal happening’ of emergence and submergence, and resurgence and so on and so forth of aspects and flavours and concepts of Consciousness itself. Every thought, action, emotion, within, including the thought of my Identity, this I, and without are all powered, energized, created and sustained by Consciousness. Which is what they really are. Really.

And if I see it and feel it and know it in any given moment… than I must know, with my faculties of understanding, logic, memory and deduction that that is indeed true in every other given moment in every Now. Now and forever.

And it is the experience of this truth, knowledge and bliss is truly stunning.