Friday, April 28, 2006

Mirror, Mirror

This feeling of sudden, random loss of direction can only be lightened when I see the truth in this situation. That no matter what, I will always have my freedom if I allow myself the license to just be. I wake up with a feeling of pressure and anxiety and I can’t understand why. I think of all the people in my life and wonder why they didn’t want to connect with me at the level that I wanted to in that moment. I feel a deeper need to just sit with this feeling and let all the ensuing emotions rise and fall as they very well do.

I realize then that the path I am on is the right one. To connect, flow, communicate, respect, rejoice and love. No matter what mistakes I do make in the path or what rejections I do experience on the way. Recognize that every one of us is finding their way in their own path and it would be a rare situation when our paths would connect at the same time for a similar purpose. But in those moments when they do, is when the magic does happen.

And I suppose that is what human yearning is about, isn’t it? The desire to see the reflection in you, of the process, as it happens for me. There is a sense of implicit acknowledgment then. That we are dual aspects of a non-dual universe, created and sustained for the purpose of embodying this phenomenon of absolute reality. And if we cannot stop to see it or experience it, but carry on blindly as if lost in this illusion of relative reality, what then? Is that so wrong and heinous? Have we failed so completely then? Is the absolute reality still not absolute if I did not take the time to acknowledge it?

Take my relative reality. And take yours. In the times that we connect, I can make every attempt to simply be and allow this consciousness to flow through me and allow it to emanate from my being this moment. Or not try to make an attempt – for that’s like saying ‘try to relax’. When I stop colouring consciousness with this egotistical palette, it emerges in its true effulgent form. And when it does emerge, will you not recognize it too?

Awareness comes when you see a reflection of your truth in me. Isn’t that what we are here for?