Monday, June 20, 2005

Bittersweet Symphony

And so begins - the last chapter of this episodic journey – and I can feel there is a different energy in all of this now. I feel that the third act of something real and intense and amazing is about to unfold and climax into a glorious, symphonic eternity. A bittersweet symphony is what this will eventually be narrated as.
Why do I feel that in the next coming months this will all come to a head and it will all make perfect sense and all that I have strived for and waited for and hoped for will become true and real and personal? What is it that is so strong right now – this pull from within, this feeling of positive energy and sustained excitement? Today has proved – again – that I do not need to worry – that I have sources now to allay my fears and doubts – that all I need to do now is trust in myself and the process as it all unfolds. I need to make sure that when indeed the story is told it can be told with authenticity and delight – with joy and energy and synergy and happiness and gratitude and laughter and playfulness and strength. And I will forever be a part of this cycle of depths and heights but I will also be the only one who has the power within me to feel these energies from the innermost core of my being, with the deepest of authenticity and from a state of peace and contentment. That striving will become just another act to be conducted to explore the various glorious aspects of life, not because life depends on such acts. That ultimately this inner chord that has struck and connected me with this universal chord will never ever be broken. It can’t because they are the same.

Thank you. Thank you for being in my life. And thank you for invoking in me these feelings of tenderness, love and devotion – not to you alone - but to the energy of which you seem to be the vessel, for me to see the truth and beauty of this world and what it is really all about.

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