Tuesday, May 17, 2005

From here to eternity

Listen. Can you hear it? Watch. Can you see it? Think. Can you understand it? Feel. Can you sense it? Live. Can you become it?

What is happening right now? Why this sudden change which feels so complete and true? Why this ego bound self disappearing into the stillness and expansiveness of prana? Is it really true then? That loss and pain lead to self discovery and can only take one to the other side? It definitely seems so.

At this moment I feel that I can accept everything. Loss, pain, happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, joy, bliss, fun, pleasure, stimulation, dullness, hurt, sorrow, rejection, acceptance, jealousy, envy, insecurity, pride, power, vanity, beauty, ugliness, the world, within and without. At this moment this container that holds the ego, the mind, the body, the heart and the soul is so big and so complete and so expansive that it is much more than just me. Me? Who is this me right now when I sense this Unity Consciousness? When I can sense fingers typing, breathing, sensing, thinking, smelling, intuiting, karmic seeds unfolding and the ego building and reacting to all of this. And that I, suddenly, is bigger than the ego. That I has opened up to accept and embrace the prana from outside and realize that without it and the knowledge and acknowledge of it, there really is no I. How can there possibly be when the only reason for the existence of the I is the life force that it has spawned from?

And this clarity has led me to understand how I feel towards you. Very truly. Very honestly. That you and I share this same life force and the strong connection that I feel is really at a spiritual level – this feeling that I need to connect with something so pure as you. I don’t necessarily feel that I need to possess it anymore. I don’t feel that you belong to me. Or that I belong to you. I just know that there is a deeper connection here that will only evolve and grow and expand over the course of time into something beautiful and eternal – beyond sex, beyond relationship, beyond ego and beyond these boundaries of You and I. I know now that at the cosmic level we will always be united. And now that I know this – I feel at peace, in bliss and in joy.
Wow! This must truly be spiritual transformation. :-)


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