Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sweet Fantasy, Baby

In my fantasy life I imagine a home, a partner, a child, a dog and community. I have a job that is fulfilling and meaningful and a work environment which is supportive and dynamic. I have friendships that are real and evolving. I have family relationships that are loving, honest and generous. I have a partnership that is deeply fulfilling, stimulating and soulful. I have a healthy, active and rejuvenating physical life, a stimulating and adaptive intellectual life, a nurturing and loving emotional life, a fun and sensual sexual life and a peaceful and luminous spiritual life. I express myself creatively through writing and music and acting. I express myself intellectually through teaching, designing and researching. I express myself physically through exercising, playing and training. I express myself emotionally through supporting, caring and loving. I express myself spiritually through breathing, meditating and being.

Hmmm…my fantasy life is quite like my life.


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