Monday, February 03, 2003

I Need

Being sensitive to my needs. Needs. Such a misused word in this culture. I need to get a break. I need a beer. I need to control my thoughts. I need to feel happy. I need. And this need seems to motivate us for each action in this life. Nothing that we do is not guided by a need for self gratification, however altruistic the external action might be.

Now here is the other method. It’s called flow. I flow in life and everything is in balance. There is no flexing and twitching and controlling and muscling my way through life. There is a certain peace and serenity in living this way that then exudes from the organism and blends with the external environment. This is when I have no tension within me – there is simply flow - in and out. No need to control and no one sitting within controlling, pulling strings, running the show.

So, Need and Control versus EvenFlow.
Which would you choose today? If I know that this moment is the sum of all the causes from the past. And every future moment is a result of all the causes that are being created now. How will the future look like based on this moment?

One minute from now?
One hour? This afternoon, evening, night? Tomorrow? Next week, fortnight, month? Next year this time? Five years from now? A dozen years. 50? When I’m sixty four?

My choices for this moment are the following:

- reject this moment with frustration and want to get away from it all
- tolerate this moment with resignation but want nothing to do with it – not get involved, enthused, excited or motivated
- accept this moment with equanimity and believe that this moment is as good as any other and should be received with serenity and grace
- embrace this moment with joy and be aware of every expression of this NOW through the flow of energy within every cell of living outside and inside.

My attitude as a result of these choices then would look something like:

- anger and entropy of psychic energy
- depression and dullness with sluggish psychic energy
- equanimity and peace with even flow of psychic energy
- joy and bliss with boundless flow of psychic energy

My future as a result of these choices would then be the effect from of these attitudes:

- volatile
- bleak
- serene
- eternal