Wednesday, February 12, 2003


My god I have such a sweet high going right now – I am in love with the moon – I want to make love to the moon – it sits and smiles at me, sly grin, knowing wink and twinkle like jack from the jack in the box commercials only much more handsome in a pale, gay, silvery sort of way like a top hat wielding Fred Astaire about to start tap dancing. Such a beautiful vivid imagination you have today, my dear. This music is divine. I find the riffs so seductive and soothing. I want to swim in them like on a turbulent stream in tropical Kerala and I am floating on a huge banana leaf down the river, rowing occasionally, using green, leafy paddles which I am sure are full of amino acids and Vitamin A. And as I paddle down the river, fisherwomen in white and silver dance seductively swaying hips in the shimmering moonlight. Young dark eyed men in thongs and dhotis, that coil seductively against their sinewy muscular legs, hold drums between their heavy thighs and they drum on them with sensual fingers - dhak dhina dhin dhan – dhak dhana dhin dhan like it plays on the stereo and now I am swimming alone, naked but not quite. I writhe and stretch, half-sleepy half aroused consumed by the music and this amazingly dreamy scene that stretches in front of my languid eyes. I flash my lashes lazily and immerse my head into the river and take a deep gulp of that cool refreshing fluid that flows so gracefully and with such natural charm through my fingers and onto my face and eyes and ears. I raise my head, my hair dripping the precious fluid all over the boat and I see myself as I shake my head in slow motion from one side to another– droplets and rivulets splashing here there and everywhere from my brow and chin and lips. And every single hair on my body and head drips with such silken seductiveness that I feel myself getting aroused seeing myself like that. I feel like I am in the movie version of Chemmeen and I am the guy who is powerful and lusty with uncontrollable passion whom the sensual Chemmeen will approach any moment now and kiss deeply on his sensual lips. The kiss that will wake them from this deep sleep and put them into this dream of a lifetime together forever with no beginning or end. Later there will be death and destruction and blood will flow. But at this moment there is the purest of energy and a deep cool longing. This is where it all started. Let’s just keep it here then. Wow!

And the night advances, the bay has grown from the deeper somber gray to this much darker indigo blue waiting to be engulfed by the black night that is about to descend onto this city.